Custom Protection for Your Dock

Inspection & Manufacturing

The IceRamps system is not a one size fits all installation. It requires up front information, measurements and then custom designed and manufactured to fit your dock.

We would complete an inspection of your dock to determine if it qualifies for an IceRamps system.

The structure type of your dock is needed as well as measurements of the length and dock’s elevation out of the water.

Custom manufacturing of an IceRamps system to meet your docks specifications and needs then takes place.

Initial & Yearly Installation

Initial installation of your IceRamps system is completed with the homeowner/caretaker of your dock as some modifications to the dock may be necessary for proper installation.

Yearly installation must be completed AFTER the ice sets in and prior to ‘ice out’.

Removal of the IceRamps system should be done within a week of ‘ice out’. Removal can be easily completed by the homeowner/caretaker.

Once the IceRamps system has been dismantled, the framework and slides are stackable for easy storage. Storage of the IceRamps system can be on shore near your dock.