IceRamps Divert ‘Ice Shove’ Over Your Dock

Protect Your Dock from Spring ‘Ice Out’

Every permanent dock built in an environment where the lake freezes during the winter will experience ice damage in its lifetime.

‘Ice out’ damage occurs in early spring when the movement of ice by wind and warm temperatures begins. During longer, warmer days of early spring, frozen lakes start to see the ice melt and recede away from the shoreline. The transition of late winter into spring can be very windy and lake ice starts to move, break up and ‘go out’.

Why Dock Damage Occurs in ‘Ice Out’

Lake ice starts to break up first into very large sheets, sometimes miles long depending on the size of the lake. If a strong west wind starts to push ice sheets towards the east, anything on the east shore will start to see ice push up onto the shore. Permanent docks built in these environments will become damaged and even destroyed in their lifetime due to ‘ice shove’. ‘Ice shove’ will usually damage or destroy the dock depending on the thickness of the ice and strength of the wind at the time the ice is ready to ‘go out’.

Custom Designed to Protect Your Dock

Prior to our IceRamps system we found no proven method of protecting a dock from ‘ice shove’. With the use of a custom designed IceRamps system we have a great method that works to divert that momentum of ‘ice shove’ up and over your dock.

IceRamps are a very formidable custom designed system built of 1/4” aluminum triangular frames with 1/4” aluminum slide plates that are attached and connect the frames together. The system will work to take the unstoppable wind driven force of the ice and divert that energy harmlessly up and over your dock.