IceRamps Dock Protection Reviews

IceRamps Saved our Dock!

Two years ago when the ice went out on a windy day in the spring, our dock was saved while most others on the east side were damaged beyond repair. John Creede’s IceRamps system not only saved our dock, but we had NO damage. There is video of the ice coming up over our entire dock and up our lawn because the ramps functioned exactly as they were supposed to, thus saving us the cost and commitment of a new dock. We have used the same ramps every year and they continue to work marvels. They are lightweight, easy to store, maintain, and install year after year. And no one is trustworthy, hardworking, and wonderful to work with than John and his team!

This is a must have product for anyone who has a dock on a body of water that freezes in the winter. They have saved us an incredible amount of time and expense year after year.

Thank you IceRamps and John Creede.

Becky and Paul Kasselman

Without IceRamps our Dock Would Have Been Totaled

The lake front of our guest cottage is a rock cliff between Echo and Isom Bays in Pilot Knob. The camp had no useable place to swim or put a boat. There were rickety stairs down to small deteriorated shore dock which anchored removable wooden extensions last used 70 years ago which still lay in the crawl space under the cottage.

All our relatives, some of whom had been at the lake since the 1930’s, including Andy Rooney, said you can’t put a crib dock there because it sticks out into the main lake like a sore thumb and as soon as you do the ice will take it out.

We needed a dock for our children and grandchildren so we took a chance and had one built. It was completed in the late spring of 2020 and cost enough to make losing it be painful.

Fortunately that summer we learned about John Creede and the ice ramps he was designing and installing. He showed us pictures of how they’d worked in the 2020 ice out and we were sold. Our relatives were correct, if we hadn’t had those ramps, that dock would have been severely damaged if not totaled in both 2021 and 2022. We’ve got the pictures. Thank you John.

Leo Fishel, Pilot Knob

IceRamps is Genius!

John Creede is one of the most trustworthy and reputable persons I have ever met. His dock work is meticulous and a work of art. The novel concept of his ice slides is genius! When the ice goes out every year you worry about ice damage to your dock. Not only may you need to totally rebuild a dock but any damage is costly and time consuming even if a dock builder is available. The ice slides have prevented any damage since they were installed on our docks. John installs them before the ice goes out and removes them after. The process is seamless and takes the worry out of winter damage so you can enjoy springtime at the lake. When you see pictures of the ice slides during the ice out season you will understand and you will also note the high quality of John’s workmanship! I highly recommend talking to John about ice slides. You will not be disappointed!

Tom Putnam

I highly recommend them to all of my customers!

I am writing to you to let you know how much I like the ‘IceRamps’ that you make.

I have been a dock builder in the Lake George area for 19 plus years and running my own business for the last 5.

After seeing these ‘IceRamps’ in service and witnessing their ability to protect docks they are installed on, I highly recommend them to all of my customers.

It is heart wrenching seeing a dock I have spent 6 months building be destroyed by the ice during the ‘ice out’.

I strongly encourage all of my customers to contact you and have the ‘IceRamps’ system installed.

Karl Dutcher, Karl Dutcher Construction

A pleasure to work with

I have IceRamps installed on three of my properties In Lake George NY, having lived on the lake for over 30 years I have never seen a better investment when it comes to saving my docks. The quality is second to none and John has been a pleasure to work with. IceRamps are the best way to protect your investment from mother nature’s wrath.

Tom DeNooyer DeNooyer Chevrolet